For the record

Tosca Stone Oven is a locally owned and operated restaurant located in the Kern Place-UTEP area of El Paso, TX.  We are not affiliated with any franchise or corporate chain.

Raison d’être

The main purpose for Tosca is to provide artisan quality pizzas at affordable prices.  We knew our biggest challenge was to produce the best crust in town–the holy grail of pizza.  As luck would have it, our biggest opportunity came from Sunset Pizzeria, a well-known and established restaurant with the best crust in town.

The Sunset Connection

After learning that Antonio Giner of Sunset Pizzeria was planning to close Sunset to pursue another venture, we knew the grail was in sight.  After many talks, an alliance was forged and the Sunset tradition for quality was to live on under the Tosca banner.  Countless hours and pizzas were consumed while working with Antonio and his kitchen staff to reproduce their recipes in our new facility.  After we had the old Sunset menu down, the original staff was challenged to make it better–here is where the fun began.  There was little doubt that creativity and innovation was to be part of our DNA.  We quickly improved some of our processes and expanded the menu to include a plethora of sandwiches, salads, pastas, desserts, and appetizers.  We never lost sight of who we were trying to impress: you, our neighbors and customers.  We incorporated many of the local flavors indigenous to El Paso, as well as many new tastes and ingredients that are quickly becoming part of El Paso’s newfound cultural diversity.

A rose by any other name

The name Tosca is borrowed from the Puccini opera by the same name.  Why an opera?  Anyone familiar with the restaurant business might argue that most restaurants more closely resemble a theater production than any typical business: full of drama, interesting personalities and plenty of prima donnas.  From our perspective, though, an opera is all about passion:  passion for life, living one day at a time.  At Tosca, a life without passion is simply not worth living!

We’ve only just begun

As we approach our 5th month of operation, we feel encouraged by the overwhelming support from the local community.  We remain always open to your comments and suggestions and have made changes and adjustments based on your input.  By September we expect to have a respectable selection of beer, wine and espresso drinks. Oh happy day!


We wholeheartedly welcome you to visit and give us your honest opinion.  While we may not be perfect, we will strive to make your experience here enjoyable.  It is our goal to become “the great good place” where you can count on a good meal and a friendly face.  A place where “everybody knows your name”–or at the very least your pizza.